This article is transcripted based on the recording of the meeting. Some questions and answers are rephrased.

Question 1: Custom fields in the SMS template.

Question 1A: How to use the custom fields in an SMS campaign?

Answer: We have to import the list directly to the campaign and map the custom fields appropriately for the custom fields to work. 

Question 1B: Why can't you add/enable a custom field in the SMS template?

Answer: The custom fields can't be added or enabled in the SMS campaign. It should be added on Settings > Data Management > Custom Fields.

Question 2: How can you change markets in the middle of a campaign?


Go to Campaigns > SMS Campaign

Click the three (3) dots beside the name of the Campaign.

Select 'Edit'.

Remove the current 'Market' and select a new one.

Lastly, click the 'Update Campaign' button at the bottom to save the changes.

Question 3: What's the need for 10 SMS templates?


We are requiring to set up 10 messages as those 10 messages are going to rotate as you send out the messages. This will help a lot with your delivery rate. It will also help you to avoid being trapped by the carriers when they see a trigger word. And, sending out too many messages that are the same from one phone number would be suspicious on the carrier's end. 

Question 4: Why do we have only custom Twilio and Plivo? Why only two (2) options? And, why we are still offering Twilio when it is causing so many problems (They are doing what is right) affecting us?


It's an inconvenience for a customer to ask them to use more than two (2) texting platforms just to be able to use our service. 

By allowing more carriers as custom integration options to your customers is going to create a lot of hassle. If they will have five (5) carriers or more, they will have to remember, create, update and keep those accounts fed by money just to use Batch.

Not all carriers are technically equipped to allow the integration in the easiest fashion as easy as Twilio and Plivo allow.