What’s New in BatchLeads?

Finding and reaching out to property owners first has never been more important than in today’s market. So we’re simplifying the process.

Check out the new features we’ve added to help you work at maximum efficiency!

Sort and export mortgage data

Creative financers and property lenders rejoice! Now you can quickly view and sort properties by their mortgage information; plus you can export that data to easily add it to your CRM.

The data you can export includes:

  • Loan Recording Date

  • Loan Type

  • Loan Amount

  • Lender Name

  • Due Date

  • Estimated Monthly Payment

  • Estimated Interest Rate

  • Estimated Balance

  • Loan Term (Months)

Increased visibility after pushing to BatchDialer

Greater efficiency has arrived! Now you can easily see which properties you've pushed to BatchDialer. Sort by "yes" or "no" using the Search Function (where it says “Any” above the blue dotted line).

Increased flexibility when pushing properties to SMS campaigns

Take full control over your texting efforts with the ability to choose which numbers you send to SMS campaigns. Include or exclude numbers based on their status as verified, unknown, and wrong number.

Ability to delete contact lists from SMS campaigns

Tired of texting a list? Now you can remove it from your SMS campaign! Navigate to View SMS Campaign in the SMS Campaigns tab.