Here are the latest updates that we’ve added to BatchLeads to make it the most user-friendly and cutting-edge tool that you could use for your Real Estate business. Here you go!

New Custom Filter Feature for Comparables 

Our customer support listens! New saving filter functionality in Comparables was added as per multiple users’ requests. No more manual selection of 12-fields-filter criteria! Save just once and apply anytime. Up to 5 saved filters are allowed with a “make it favorite” option. …And don’t forget about our ‘System Smart Filter’ using a highly effective Batch Algorithm.

Status Feature for Comparable Properties 

A great way to feature your comparable properties is to give it a thumbs up. The new ‘status’ functionality in Comparables was freshly baked. It’s easily filtered, selected or exported, based on your manual or bulk status given. The applied status can be visible right on the Comparable Map to help with your filter even more.