What is A2P 10DLC?

US Application-to-Person 10-Digit Long Code (A2P 10DLC) messaging is the latest offering from US carriers to help support the growing ecosystem of businesses texting their customers while protecting end-users from unwanted messages.10-Digit Long Codes have traditionally been designed for Person-to-Person (P2P) traffic only, causing businesses to be constrained by limited throughput and heightened filtering.

The launch and support of A2P 10DLC across all carriers in the United States provides good actors with increased deliverability and throughput, but also requires additional registration to build trust with carriers. There are associated fees with this registration process and also per-message carrier fees.

Why do I need to register to use A2P 10DLC messaging?

  • It is mandatory for anyone sending text messages (unless you are using Toll-Free numbers)

  • Improved deliverability and less spam filtering over A2P routes (governed by a Trust Score)

  • Higher throughput rate based on reputation and Trust Score


What if I do not want to register?

You can purchase Toll-Free numbers as they do not require A2P registration.


Users with their own vendor accounts:

For users utilizing their own vendor accounts, register directly with Twilio or Plivo. Once the campaign is approved, you will have to upload your Messaging Service SID into the BatchLeads platform to continue sending messages. Click here for instructions.


Users without their own vendor accounts:

Register your brand directly in the BatchLeads platform using the 10DLC registration flow. Click here for instructions.This is LIVE now. Failure to register by November 8, 2021, will cause you to not be able to send SMS with 10DLC numbers.



Registration Deadline:

One can register their Brand and Campaign until September 30th, 2021 which is the registration deadline for customers using 10-Digit Long Code messaging in the US.


October 1, 2021:

This date will mark the beginning of potentially heightened filtering of SMS for unregistered traffic, which could cause increased delivery failures. 


You can simply fill out this form to register: Twilio Registration or Plivo Registration


How does brand registration work?

When you complete your A2P Profile (Brand Registration), the Campaign Registry will give your Brand a Trust Score of low, medium or high trust. This rating influences the maximum message throughput that will be allocated to each of your Campaigns (see below).


What is a Trust Score & how does it affect me?

When you complete your Brand and Campaign(s) registration for A2P Messaging, the information is sent from our upstream providers to The Campaign Registry (TCR), a 3rd party at the center of this new registration system. TCR uses a reputation algorithm to review specific criteria relating to your company and assigns a “Trust Score” that will determine your messaging throughput.


How do Trust Scores influence message throughput?

Trust Scores are grouped into three levels, from lowest to highest. Your Trust Score level, combined with your Campaign Type, will determine the message throughput that is allocated to your Campaign.


A Campaign represents a use case. Some companies may only need one Campaign; in other cases, you may have multiple. For the typical Real Estate investors, you will only need a single Campaign unless you have a specific use case.


When I register my campaign, I have to provide my use case. What does this mean?

Your Campaign use case describes the type of messaging you plan to send. This will influence the delivery rate on AT&T & T-Mobile networks.


Use cases vary from notifications and fraud alerts to customer care to social updates. For a full list of Campaign use cases, please see: List of Campaign Types & Use Case Types for A2P 10DLC Registration. For the majority, if not all of Batch users, the proper Campaign will be either “mixed” or “low volume mixed” Campaign Type. 


What Information Is Required for Registration?

In order to register Businesses, Brands and/or Campaigns, you will need information about each Business and Brand. The required information includes the business name, physical address, business type (LLC, partnership, etc.).

What fee is associated with the A2P 10DLC service?

There are new fees for Campaign Registration (see below).


Brand Registration Fee: $4 one-time registration fee + $40 one-time Carrier Vetting fee for high throughput and increased daily limit over AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon networks.


Campaign Registration Fees: 

  • Regular Campaign = $10/month

  • Low-Volume* Mixed-Use Campaign = $2/month

  • Charity Campaigns = $5/month


How do these rule changes affect Toll-Free numbers? Should I switch to 10DLC?

US Toll-Free phone numbers are not affected by these changes. Toll-Free SMS is still a great way to send A2P SMS in the United States as well as Canada.