Here are the latest updates that we’ve added to BatchLeads to make it the most user-friendly and cutting-edge tool that you could use for your Real Estate business.

Here you go!

Monitor Your Direct Mail Campaigns Better

Did you know that you will now be able to download Direct Mail Campaign reports? Download and get your generated reports delivered straight to your inbox. The report can help monitor and review your campaigns to see how you can boost your performance. Don’t forget to download the reports you need because they will only be available for 7 days.

Customized Selection of Properties 

Enjoy working seamlessly and efficiently as you can now select a custom number range of properties from the List Search. This feature is sure to make your life a lot easier! 

Custom Picture Feature Added in Direct Mail Settings

Add more zing to your Direct Mail Campaigns now with our increased number of template options. You can now upload your custom picture or QR code with your contact details when crafting your design templates.

Redesigned Notes Tab in Inbox

The Notes tab under the Property Details section in your Inbox has been redesigned and enhanced with new features that are sure to appeal to you. Write, update, delete or even attach a file when creating a note. Check out a whole new bunch of other accessories we have added to improve your experience.