We’ve got some great and exciting features for you to try out. Here are the latest updates to our Mobile App. If you are not using it already, make sure to download it! 

 To Download the Mobile App:

Property Pictures Are Now Available On the Mobile App:

  • View all available property images right from your mobile app
  • Toggle between map/satellite view and go into Google street view

Newly Updated and Easier to Use Design With Ability to:

  • Skip trace a property
  • View lists/tags and be able to add a property to new lists and/or tags
  • Push properties straight to a BatchDialer campaign
  • Add a property to new texting campaigns


View All Property Information:

  • Property Overview
  • Property Owner Contact Information
  • Detailed Property Characteristics
  • Comparables
  • Sale & Loan
  • Tax Information
  • MLS Details
  • Foreclosure & Liens

Updated Comparable Features:

  • Now it’s easier than ever for comparable properties on our mobile app with an updated and easier to use design.

Ability to Sync Profile Pictures:

  • Users are now able to sync profile pictures between web/mobile and be able to edit them from either platform.

Our mobile app currently only displays properties that are part of SMS campaigns. We will very soon give users the ability to search and view any property nationwide and be able to add it to their lists/tags and add to any marketing campaign (Texting, Calling, Direct Mail).