Why is my hit rate low for my imported data?


A low hit rate can mean a few different things. 

There may be an issue with the format of the data that you've provided. Did you confirm that your source file had information in separate columns, and that the columns were mapped appropriately during the import process? You can read more about the import process in the help article Formatting Your Import File for Skip Tracing.

It is also possible that your data is not valid or is of poor quality. Questions to ask to determine this might be: Where did you get your data? Did your data come from a reputable source, or did the data come to you third hand? If the BatchLeads system isn't able to find information based on your imported data, it may be that the data is poor. 

Please contact BatchLeads support if you need further assistance in improving your hit rate. We want to ensure you have a successful experience with the proven BatchLeads platform.