Do you have any guidance for the data I'm going to import?


Please make sure of the following when uploading/importing your data into the BatchLeads system:

  • Please remove any records that have corp, assn, association, llc, inc, division, department, trust, church, school etc. We do not recommend running skip traces against entities, as these generally get poor results. 
  • Make sure that there is no middle name, middle initial, prefix (e.g. Mr./Miss), or suffix (e.g. Jr/Sr/III/IV). You can typically do a "Search and Replace" in your software to remove these instances from your data. 
  • Make sure your file has a clear column for First Name, and for Last Name, and make sure that nothing else is found in these fields. 
  • Remove any multiple names in the record, for example:
    a) For the entry John & Sally Smith, you would either choose to put John Smith or Sally Smith (split into First Name and Last Name columns).
     b) For the entry John Smith & Sally Potter, you would choose to either use John Smith or Sally Potter, and you'd split whichever name you chose to run into the two columns for First Name and Last Name.
  • Lastly, your import file should be in CSV/Excel format.