Adding New Campaign for 10DLC is only filling out required information, you do not need to be strict with it.

You may use these Basic Details Below to Add New Campaign(This applies to both Starter and Standard Brand.

Campaign Name: Real Estate Leads 

Type: Sole Proprietor (Starter Brand)Mixed (Standard Brand)

Sub type: Marketing-Customer care 

Campaign Description: Marketing for Real estate

Leads Sample messages: 

Hi, just reaching out to see if you are still interested in selling your house. 

Hi, just making sure you are still looking to sell your house since last time we spoke.

Once the customer's account has  been registered successfully to 10DLC the Status will be Active and Add New Campaign button will be available.

NOTE: Before customer's phone numbers can be used for SMS Campaign, it should be linked first to 10DLC, and in order to link customer's phone numbers to 10DLC his account should have an Active 10DLC Campaign. So always check this first before purchasing new phone numbers if you just recently registered to 10DLC.

Step 1 : Click Add New Campaign

Step 2: Fill out the required information. Just click Next once you filled out the required information.

(You may use the Basic Details mentioned above and as shown on the screenshot.)

Step 3 : Tick both Checkboxes as shown on the screenshot then click the "Submit" Button.

NOTE: Your old phone numbers will be released after completing this step since those numbers are not supported by 10DLC.

You will not be able to use your old numbers as you will purchase new phone numbers that will be linked to 10DLC.

Step 4 : A Charge Confirmation will appear regarding the monthly fee of $10 for your 10DLC Campaign.

You will see a confirmation that a Campaign has been created, then you may proceed purchasing New Phone numbers to be linked with 10DLC.