Why am I not receiving replies to messages? 


Your replies may be triggering an automatic opt out. You can configure trigger words which will automatically add someone to your DNC list, which allows you to avoid handling those requests manually. An example would be when you reach out to a prospect and they reply "stop", or "unsubscribe". You would not receive these messages as the system automatically handles them. 

You can manage your DNC list in the DNC ManagerYou can add Trigger Words and Phrases that will automatically put someone on the DNC list, so that you do not need to handle those requests manually. 

Click Add New in the Add Trigger Words section of the page to add trigger words or phrases. Enter additional phrases such as "Not interested". Enter in one word or phrase per line. Make sure that you are descriptive enough to not filter out responses you would still wish to receive (for example don't just trigger off of "no").