• Draw Custom Shapes in Maps

Circles and squares are so last month. Now you can draw whatever custom map boundary shape you want to define your search area!

  • Quick Filters in Comps

The same quick filters you love to use in map search and property lists are now available for comps! Find them in the comparables tab within property details.

  • New Contact Details

Phone number info has gotten an upgrade! Property phone numbers will now show the carrier name and whether a number is “reachable” and/or “tested.” “Reachable” means the phone number has been verified with the carrier and “tested” means there has been a successful connection with that number in the last 6 months. 

  • Export Comps to PDF

When you select comps in the comparable properties tab, you are now able to export them as a PDF or XLS file.

  • Add Single Property to List from Map Search

Find a property you like? Easily add single properties to any list from the map search page.

  • Flowroute Integration

Users will have more variety when it comes to their choice of 3rd party phone purchase integrations.

  • Filter by Deed Transfer Type

Eliminate surprises when you’re ready for a deed transfer. We’ve introduced 9 new filter options under “deed transfer type.”