How I made money wholesaling. But not just “money,” think about your biggest, most successful deal and walk through it step by step. There are a TON of newbies wanting to get into the business and giving them a roadmap for success will boost your views. 


The dollar amount and keyword “wholesaling” or “investing in real estate” will boost your views:

"How I Made $X In X Days (or months, or “in X year”) By Wholesaling"

(i.e. “How I Made $100k In 3 Days By Wholesaling” or “How I Made $2 Million in 2021 By Wholesaling.”)


The Secret To Making Your First Million Through Wholesaling


Think about your biggest, most successful deal. How much did you make? What did you do differently than normal? What can others replicate?


For those of you who say it’s really hard to make money wholesaling, I made $X in X days. I’m going to share my secrets so you can be successful too.


Most first-time wholesalers/investors don’t know how to get started. They don’t know how to set proper goals, they don’t have the confidence to talk to people, and they don’t have a roadmap for what to do and how to do it.


  1. Start with your story. 

    • What did your process look like before your first big deal? Is this a common mistake for newbies? (example: I was casting a wide net - I had tons of unqualified leads and I wasted thousands of dollars marketing to them).

    • How did you find this property? What were the circumstances that led you to it? (example: I decided to use BatchLeads list search instead of importing my own lists)

    • What did you do differently? Was it how you looked for leads? Was it how you spoke to people? Did you use a different form of communication (calling vs. direct mail)? (example: I used these search filters and changed my market)

    • What roadblocks did you experience? How did you overcome them? (example: I figured out that calling was way more effective than texting).

  2. Use BatchLeads for visuals

    • Walk them through what a successful deal looks like in BatchLeads.

    • What’s your go-to perfect list? 

    • What’s your favorite way to communicate? 

    • What scripts have you found the most success with?

    • Who else has this worked for? 

  1. CALLS TO ACTION (OPTIONAL): Recommended to choose one

    • Send them to your BatchLeads affiliate signup link

    • Refer them to an upcoming webinar (yours or BatchLeads)

    • Provide them with a handout or send them to your website

    • Refer them to a course/community forum/consultation that you offer