• How to Find Motivated Sellers in 2022 or How to build the best lists

SCRIPT OUTLINE: This should be an educational/instructional video on how to use BatchLeads to find motivated sellers and pull the perfect lists. The lists that YOU recommend! 

If you have any questions about how to perform any of the functions listed below, please reach out to Product Marketing Manager Amy Was -


  • Interest rates are rising, which means housing prices are going down and sellers are having a tougher time finding buyers. NOW is the time to cash in on your next wholesale deal. But how do you find THE RIGHT leads? Lemme show you!



  • It doesn’t matter if you’re new to the wholesaling game or if you’re a seasoned veteran, you should always be on the lookout for your next deal. I’m going to show you how I pull my perfect lists using BatchLeads.


  • STEP ONE, CHOOSE YOUR MARKET - break down for them what you look for when choosing a market to do business in. Think about things like wholesaling/fix and flip laws, demand for housing in the area, looking for leads close to home vs remotely, etc.

  • STEP TWO, BATCHLEADS LIST SEARCH - Pull up BatchLeads and walk through how you pull your perfect list!

  • Start with location

  • Draw map function - show them how to use the draw tool to exclude/include properties in a particular area

  • Quick Filters - are there ones you use right off the bat?

  • Advanced Search - what are your MUST HAVE filters for building lists? What’s the best combo for beginners? Intermediate? Advanced? Best list for fix & flippers or Airbnbers?

  • Show them how to do this in a few different markets so they get the idea.

  • How to save filters, save custom quick filters

  • How you build & name lists, how you use tagging to help you sort


  • Explain why each of these lists (filter combinations) work best and who you’ve seen them work for. 

CALLS TO ACTION (OPTIONAL): Recommended to choose one

  • Send them to your BatchLeads affiliate signup link

  • Refer them to an upcoming webinar (yours or BatchLeads)

  • Provide them with a handout or send them to your website

  • Refer them to a course/community forum/consultation that you offer