Downloading and Installing the BatchLeads Mobile App

The BatchLeads mobile app is free, available from the Google Play and Apple App Stores. Use the links below to download the app to your mobile device, (or you can search for BatchLeads from inside either app). 

For Android users:

Get it on Google Play

For Apple users:

Download on the App Store

Steps for Installing and Running the App:

1) Find the app in your respective app store (either Google Play or the Apple App Store, links above). Click the icon to get the app, it is free of charge. The app will download and install, then click the icon to run the app. 

2)    You'll need an account to be able to use the app. You can create a login by going to: 

Once you have input your log in information, hit the "Log In" button to proceed.

3)   The BatchLeads app will ask you if you'd like to allow it to send you Notifications. You can Allow them, if you'd like to let the app notify you of things when you aren't actively using it, or you can indicate Don't Allow if you do not wish for the app to be able to display notifications to you when you aren't actively using it. You can always change these settings later, by going to your phone settings and changing notifications for BatchLeads. 


4)    You are then directed to your Message Inbox for your BatchLeads account. 

Check out our other help articles for the app to get started using the BatchLeads mobile app.