Downloading and Installing the BatchLeads Mobile App

The BatchLeads mobile app is included in all BatchLeads subscriptions, available from the Google Play and Apple App Stores. Use the links below to download the app to your mobile device, (or you can search for BatchLeads from inside either app). 

For Android users:

Get it on Google Play

For Apple users:

Download on the App Store

Steps for Installing and Running the App:

1. If you don't already have an account with BatchLeads, you'll need to sign up at

2. Find the app in your respective app store (either Google Play or the Apple App Store, links above). Click the icon to get the app, it is free of charge. The app will download and install, then click the icon to run the app. 

3. Once you've downloaded the app, type your email and password then tap the "Log In" button to proceed. In the mobile app you can..

- Pull Lists of buyers and sellers

- Manage and filter your saved lists

- Drive for Dollars

- Manage your tracked routes

- Start Direct mail campaigns

- Manage your inbox (select plans only)

- Track KPIs