You can filter the messages in your BatchLeads mobile app inbox to be able to find a subset of messages you'd like to view/respond to. 

To get to your inbox, start by opening your menu by tapping on the 3 lines in the top left hand corner (shown in the first screenshot) then go to "inbox". Once there, open your message filters by tapping on the toggle icon in the top right hand corner (shown in the 3rd screenshot below). 

You can filter by the following Statuses

All Status, Unread, Hot, Warm, Not Interested, DNC, Nurture, Drip, Follow-up, Make Offer, Refer to Agent, Auto DNC, Awaiting Reply, No Response, Verified Owner, and Wrong Number

You can also filter by Date range, by User Campaigns (any campaign you have, the default is All), and Users (the default is all users). 

By filtering your messages you can quickly access those which you may wish to work with, such as filtering by all messages you've flagged as needing Follow-up. 

Hit the Search button to execute your filter, or hit the left arrow at the top left of the pop-up menu to exit the filter screen.