Once you've added properties to your account, you can filter them and use bulk actions to be more efficient. This guide will teach you everything you need to know about using bulk actions with your saved leads. 

Start by going to "My Lists" in your menu. In the example below, the user has over 90,000 properties saved to their account. You can use your filters to find what you're looking for.

Click FILTER at the top of the screen choose what you'd like to view in your account. 

In this example image, the user is utilizing "List count" to find all the properties in their account that are on 2 or more lists and that have also not been skip traced already. After choosing your filters click "apply".

After filtering, you'll see the result total at the bottom. In this case, the user has 47 properties that are on 2 or more lists that have not been skip traced yet.

After filtering your list you will see a white button Select Properties on the top left-hand corner.

Where you can Select All, Select Visible, or Custom Number option.

After you select properties you may need to click ACTIONS.

In Action you do have a lot of options where you can:

Lead Status - If you're viewing properties you'd like to mark a once with a specific status of your choosing

Lists - Add or Remove

Self-Managed Yes and No

Tags - Add or Remove

Export to Excel

Skip Trace (Get their phone numbers and email addresses)

Add to Campaign - SMS or Direct Mail
Add to BatchDialer 
- If you have an account with BatchDialer, make sure you set up the integration first (found in your BatchLeads settings, then by going to "integrations". Click HERE to see how to integrate.

Opt-OutYes or No