Now that you've saved plenty of properties to your BatchLeads account, you may be thinking of exporting them to send them to someone else on your team that doesn't have access to your account. See this guide on how to export your saved properties!

Open your menu and click on "My List".

Once viewing your saved leads, click "filter" at the top of the screen so you can find the exact list of properties you're needing to export. In the example below, the user is filtering properties under their "Vacant Phoenix AZ-1/4/24" tag that is also vacant. Once you've set your preferred filters, click "see number of properties".

After you've filtered out the properties you'd like to export, click "select properties" near the top left hand corner. You can select all results, only the ones visible on that page or a custom number.

Following the selection, click "actions", then "export to excel" from the drop down. (shown in image below)

Choose the data you'd like to be included in the export and click "next".

Name your file whatever you'd like and click "next".

This step is optional, but if you'd like to tag the list of properties you're exported you can do so here then click "save changes". In the example below, the user has created a new tag named "Exported Already" so they can keep track of when they exported certain properties. If you do not wish to do this, just click "skip" instead.

You should get a pop up indicating the export was successful and your file is currently being processed and you'll be able to download them once finished under "Import/Export" in Reports (found in the menu).

You'll be able to check on the export logs at the bottom. Once you see a blue check mark indicating the export has been completed, click the download button to the left of the file you wish you download and it will be saved to your computer!