Now that you're at the point where you'd like to make an offer on a property, you can use the comping tool built right into your BatchLeads account. Wondering how to comp a property while keeping the right rules in mind?

Click HERE to download FREE appraisal rules provided by Astro Flipping to become a comping MASTER 

You can comp a property from multiple different features, such as, "property search" when looking up a specific property of pulling a list, from "My Lists" section (shown in image below) and even your inbox while texting a lead in a thread.

Which ever feature you decide to comp from, you'll click on the address to open the details first.

Once you've opened the details of a property, select "comparables" from the options of information available. (shown in image below)

You can filter the comps that are available with the options on the right and if you're not sure what you should be looking for, Click HERE to download FREE appraisal rules provided by Astro Flipping to become a comping MASTER . Once you have set your desired filters, click "filter", then scroll down to see the results.

NOTE: After selecting your desired filters, you can SAVE defaults by clicking "set filter defaults" (blue button shown in image below)

Once viewing the results, you can start looking at where those comparable properties fall on the map, you can click on each individual address to get more information, view the photos and even mark a status on each comp.

If you put a thumbs up next to an address you feel would be a good comp, the estimated value, average dollar per square foot and average price will be updated. (shown in image below)

You'll have the option to click the "select" button and pick properties with certain statuses you've placed, then click "actions" where you can add the selected properties to a list, export to spreadsheet, email as a spreadsheet and even email as a PDF!!

Example of a PDF report sent to an email: