If you have an address that you'd like to manually bring into your BatchLeads account instead of using "Property Search" you can do this within "My Lists" in your menu

To import a single property address into your BatchLeads account, open "My Lists" from the menu on the left, click "import properties", then "single property. (shown in image below)

The first thing you'll notice is the option to "self-manage" your imported addresses. In most cases you'll just leave it as "no" to leave it up to BatchLeads to update the property records automatically. If you have a "probate list" you're importing, "yes" will allow you to add a different name, mailing address, Etc., but BatchLeads will not update those property records for those.

Choose where you'd like the address to saved within your account through an already existing list or you can add a new list to save it to with the blue "add new" button. Fill out any other information you would like about the property afterwards. Note: If you choose to "self-manage" the property, you'll need the first and last name and mailing address, while leaving it up to BatchLeads with "no" self managing, only requires the property address.

If you've already skip traced the property, you can enter any phone numbers and email address you've obtained, (otherwise you can skip trace it later in BatchLeads) notes if applicable as well as the option to select "opt out". This will put an invisibility cloak over the property after importing it so you don't mistakenly contact them. Once finished, click "save" at the bottom.

Once it's been successfully saved, you'll be able to find it under "My Lists" in your menu. You can either use the detailed filters at the top of the screen or you can simply search the address to find it! (shown in image below)