You can add a new List in BatchLeads in two ways: you can create a new list when you are uploading a new file, or you can add a new list through "My Lists.This guide will show you how to add a list and tag it in "My Lists" tab. My Lists"Adding a list or tag to specific properties is a great way to become more organized.

Say you want to organize the preforeclosure properties with in your account.

Hit the Filter Button > List Name> Conditional Filter> Date Added - Select dates and/or Property City> Apply Filter:

Conditional filter : 

Let’s say, for example, that you’ve been adding all of your properties to one list and are now you are wanting to separate and organize them by the month you pulled them and pain point.

You could also use your filters to find properties you added in a specific date range amd in a specific location using your Conditional filters (shown in the image below). Once you finish setting your preferred filters, click "apply filter" at the bottom. 

Once the filter has been applied and you’re now viewing the properties that you added in a specific month and city for example, you could then use your QUICK FILTERS across the bottom of the page to find all the preforeclosures, recently sold, tired landlords etc. within that area and time frame and start adding new lists and tags easily!

In the example image below, the user added a total of ,600 properties in the month of January the "High Equity" quick filter breaks that up and shows there were 3,250 High Equity properties added in the month of January.

After selecting the quick filter for example, click SELECT PROPERTIES > Select All:

Next, click the ACTIONS button. Here you can see Lists and Tags that have the same options like add and remove. We are going to click ADD:

Let's say, you don't have a High Equity List on your account, this would be a great time to add one. So you could create a new List. Name whatever you want, for example (High Equity Master List). 

List - (We think of these as your master filing cabinets).
Tags - (we think of tags as the file folders you place into your master filing cabinets).

Hit "Save Changes" and the properties will be added to your New List which in this example is their High Equity List.

And to add a Tag, you would have to click Actions> Tags: Add 

(We highly advised creating a tag whenever importing a list to better organized your properties.)

Create a Tag> Name > Save Changes:

You can name a tag for example (area followed by the name of the list and then date) so you can easily remember.

These records are now not only in the List: High Equity List but they are also saved under your new Tag: High Equity January 2024.