What does it mean to opt someone out?BatchLeads allows you to opt out addresses so that you don't accidentally market to them. For example, if you've reached out to someone through SMS that replies and tells you they don't want you to contact them again, that would be a good time to "opt them out". Another example might be that you have a list of properties that recently sold that you may not want to contact. After opting them out in BatchLeads, the system will not allow you to market to them unless you specifically select them to do so anyway. Opting out addresses excludes them from your texting efforts.

There are multiple places you can opt address out

  • You can bulk opt-out addresses while Importing a List of addresses 
  • You can opt-out a single address you're importing 
  • You can use your bulk actions to opt out already saved addresses in your account

Example - Export a List from the MLS 

One list of addresses you may wish to opt-out would be houses that have sold recently, such as in the last 6 months. You can export a list of addresses that have sold in the last 6 months from the MLS. 

Import the List in BatchLeads

Import the list as you would any other list in BatchLeads, by going to the "My Lists" tab from the left navigation menu, then clicking the "import properties" button in the top right corner. Click HERE to see a detailed guide on importing.

Select Opt-Out Option

The next step of the import process has the option to Opt-Out the addresses you are importing. Select Yes as your Opt-Out option, and then click Save. This means that the list of addresses you are importing will all be opted out from your texting efforts.

Any addresses that already exist in the system will be opted out. If the address does not already exist in the system, it will be imported and an Opt-Out tag will be added to it. 

On filtering, by default, you do not see the opted out properties. If you wish to see the opted out properties in your filtered view, click the Opted Out dropdown in the Filter screen and change the option to Yes to include opted out properties. Click HERE to learn more about filtering your saved properties