Adding Non-USPS Verified Addresses to the Database

BatchLeads attempts to verify all addresses that you import, to ensure that the address is recognized by USPS. If you attempt to import an address that can't be verified by USPS, BatchLeads will flag the address as unverifiable and will not add the address to your address database. 

There are many reasons that an address may not be verified by USPS. One reason is because the address is a vacant lot. While the address is considered valid, because USPS will not deliver mail to a vacant lot, the address will fail address verification. 

You can force an address to be added to the system, even though it does not validate. From the Import Log screen, after you have Added New Addresses, you can see a listing of any errors that the import process generated while trying to add properties from your list of addresses. BatchLeads will not create duplicate entries for the same address, so this is a common error. BatchLeads will also error when an address does not validate.

To add an address that does not validate to the database anyway, click the check box to the left of the address and click the Actions button on the right hand side of the screen. From the dropdown menu, select the option Add to Database. This forces the address to be added to the database, despite the error regarding address validation.