This guide will show you how to pull lists nationwide using BatchLeads "Property Search" - you can search by a specific location or boundary! BatchLeads will always filter out duplicates! After you finish pulling your lists, click HERE to learn how to filter your saved properties

Searching by Location

Start by going to "Property Search" in your menu and type out where you'd like to pull a list. You can search by a specific address, city, zip code or county with "location" checked under the search bar. Once done, click "Search". May note of your quick filters at the bottom. They will change as you pull up lists and will take it a step further to help categorize your results.


Once the search has been initiated, a list of properties will populate on the right with no filters set. You can use your quick filters if you see something you'd like to pull! To find something very specific, click "filter" at the top of the screen.


Set your filters and watch them add up on the right so you don't lose track of what you set then click apply. 

(See above video for all filters).


TIP: Once you've applied your filters, you can click "save" if you want to use the exact filers in the future! 

( close your filters by clicking "All Filters" )


TIP: If you'd like to narrow down your search even more, use a quick filter ON TOP OF what you just filtered out manually. In the example image below, the user is looking for expired listings so they will click that quick filter. Keep in mind that the quick filters are reflecting results off of what you manually filtered previously!

Once you're ready to save the properties you found, click "Select" near the top right hand corner and choose to "select all", whatever is "visible" or a "custom" number of properties. Once finished with selecting, click "ADD".


Save the properties to a list and a tag! Lists are great for broad pain points and tags are great for more specific details like the market, the date added and additional details. To learn more about "lists" and "tags" click HERE

In the example image below, the user is placing the properties under an "Expired Listings" list and under a more specific tag "Phoenix AZ - Expired Listing - Jan 2023" They included where they pulled the list, the date at the end and any additional info that may be of importance from the manual filters they previously used.

Once finished, click "SAVE". All addresses will be saved to "My Lists" in your menu. You can find your list/tag easily in the future with the filters in "properties". 

You'll even have the option to skip trace your properties right upon saving them too! Click here to learn more


Searching by Boundary

NOTE: You can change from "map" or "satellite" view  with the "gear icon" in the bottom right hand corner to make boundary searches easier!

Select "boundary" under the search bar and choose which shape you'd like to draw. A circle, box or a custom shape (custom is great for if you're trying to avoid including a river or railroad tracks).

Click ONCE on the map to start drawing and click ONCE more to finish the shape ( for custom, click once to start and stop the line and connect them all till you finish the shape)


Once you finish, the results will populate on the right and you can use your quick filters on click the blue "filter" at the top of the screen to get more detailed! (See the above guide on how to use your filters and quick filters on top of that as well as how to save them to a list and a tag)