What is "skip tracing"? - Skip tracing refers to the process of locating the owner of a property by obtaining contact information such as mobile phone numbers, landlines and email addresses.

Why is having quality skip traced data important? - Skip tracing with BatchLeads will ultimately bring your cost per lead and cost per contract down because you won't be wasting money on bad data. We aggregate our data from top tier credit bureaus and when you export your skip traced list, BatchLeads will always provide a score on how confident we are that the phone numbers are accurate.

There are 2 main places you can skip trace addresses within BatchLeads. This guide will show you how to skip trace from "My Lists" in the menu. If you'd like to see how to import a new list and skip trace from "Skip Trace" in the menu instead, click here. OR if you'd like to see how to skip trace a single property, click here.

Start by opening "My Lists" from your menu to see all of your saved addresses. If you don't have any properties imported yet, click HERE to learn how to import lists into your account. OR if you need to learn how to import properties using "Property Search" instead, click here.

Click on "filter" at the top of your screen to narrow down the properties you'd like to skip trace. This could be a specific list or tag or properties in your account that are vacant or that you added on a specific date range. In the example below, you'll also notice a filter you can use to find addresses you have or have no yet skip traced as well. To learn more about filtering your saved properties to find exactly what you need, click HERE.

After you finish filtering the properties you'd like to skip trace, click "select properties" near the top left corner and choose the amount of properties you'd like to select. You can choose to select ALL, whatever is visible on the current page or a custom number. 

Once the properties have been selected, click "actions" (shown in image below) then select "skip trace".

The system will ask you to name the file and also give you the option to save the addresses to an additional list and/or tag (not required). You'll see an estimated cost broken down and have the ability to choose your payment method at this point and you will not be charged for addresses that don't come back with data as well as any duplicates. BatchLeads saves you so much time and money with minimal effort! 

If you happen to be skip tracing an old list, you have the ability to select "update and re-skip trace records" if you'd like to run a fresh skip trace on old data. Click "skip trace" when you're ready to submit!

Go to "Skip trace" (the house icon with a magnifying glass - highlighted in image below) from your menu to get a full analysis and update on the progress of the file you submitted.

In the example image below, you'll notice the name of the file, the total number of records you submitted, the number of total hits, the hit percentage, any matches (or duplicates) of your savings and total cost! You can click the download button to the right of your file to download it if you'd like as well! To understand more about you skip traced results, click HERE.


OPTION 1: At a glance in "My Lists"

Go to "My Lists" in your menu, scroll to the bottom of the page and use the blue bar to move to the right and see their emails and phone numbers

OPTION 2: Full Details

Click on the address you'd like to view on the left to open the details

You'll find "Contact information" under the "property details" tab (shown in the image below). You can even get in-depth information on each phone number by hovering over the "i" icon next to each phone number.

This will tell you:

  • The phone provider
  • Type of phone (mobile or landline/home phone)
  • If it's on the national Do Not Call list
  • If it's reachable / has been tested ( this means the phone provider has reported that there has been a successful and connected call with the phone number in the last 6 months! )

You can even click on the phone numbers to make phone calls!! (only available in personal plus plans and higher) Learn about "Click to Dial" HERE