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Yes, you read the title of this article correctly! You can now make phone calls in BatchLeads with a single click!

NOTE : With Click to Dial, you should be making no more than 30 - 40 calls a day 

Watch this video to also see how to set up a call forwarding number for when prospects call you back!

Start by going to "My Lists" in your menu and open a property's details by clicking on the address (shown in image below).

Once you're viewing a property's information, go to the "Property Details" tab. If you haven't already obtained the prospects phone numbers, click "skip trace" here to get the most accurate contact information available first.

Skip Tracing will be charged through your wallet balance and you can also assign this property to an additional list if needed (optional). When you're ready, Click "Skip Trace".

The contact information (mobile numbers, landlines and email addresses) will then populate and you can even hover over the "i" next to the numbers to get details on each!

Once you're ready to make a call, click the phone number you'd like to dial. You'll see a pop up asking you to first, check your microphone before calling and give you the option to cancel or "Call Now"! Click "Call Now" when you're ready to dial.

As soon as you place the call, you'll hear ringing and see the pop up on the right showing you the call in real time. You can click on the 9 boxes icon to open the dial pad, the pause button to put the call on hold or the sound icon with the line through it to mute yourself! That's it!! 

Keep reading to see tips on organizing the phone numbers you contact


After you finish up your call with the contact, you can click the pencil or edit icon next to the skip trace button to organize the numbers you contacted.

After clicking the Edit button go to the phone number you already called and place a status next to it

  1. Unknown (maybe they didn't answer and they had no voicemail set up
  2. DNC (maybe they told you to take them off your list)
  3. Wrong Number (The contact told you that you have the wrong person)
  4. Verified (You connected with the correct person you were looking for)

You can also scroll to the bottom of the "property details" tab and make any important notes as well as change the status in the top right hand corner to stay organized at a glance!