New Podio Integration is made it easier for you to push your leads to your Podio.

1. On the upper right-hand corner, the user must click the name then My Profile and click "Integration".

2. Scroll down a little bit and click "Manage" then click "Authorize" for the connection between Podio and Batchleads.

3. Click "Grant Access" to allow the connection between Podio and Batchleads.

Note: If the user successfully authorized the connection, user will get this notification. 
Just hit OK button.

4. Click "Add New" to create your new Podio Integration.

5. Upon creating it will ask you to put your Podio Organization, Workspace, and App.

6. Map correctly all the fields that you want to push to your Podio then hit "SAVE"

NOTE: Make sure your available fields in Podio App should be in the Text Template Field for you to get all the information that is available from Batch Leads. You can use the "Phone" template for phone numbers.

Additionally, if the user wants to map the address separately, user can add a new column by dragging the "TEXT" field to the destination field.

Once you click "Save", it will show like this.

7. For every campaign, you should use the Integration you created. Users can go to their campaign/s and select the Podio Integration.


Note: For the old campaigns, go to your complete or active campaign and you can edit it.

9. To push a lead from Inbox to your Podio, click the "Push to CRM" to be found in Inbox (located in the upper right-hand corner of the screen). It will now show in your Podio.