You may now see some announcements regarding the latest version of BatchLeads' APP in Zapier.

This article shows you how you can replace the old version of BatchLeads APP with latest version to make sure your ZAPs keep working.

1. Log in to your zapier account. 

2. Go to your "My Apps" to add a new connection (for the latest version of your BatchLeads account)

3. Click the "Add connection"

4. After clicking the "Add Connection",  search for BatchLeads and once you see the results, choose the first option which is the latest version. 

5. Then it will ask to input the API key which can be found in BatchLeads accounts settings under Integration.

Here you can also look at the URL to make sure that you have selected the LATEST version of the app.

6. Once done, you will see your available connections for BatchLeads app. Rename the latest one that you just created in a way that you recognize it to be the latest version.

7. Once you successfully renamed the new connection, go to your "Zaps". Then, choose the Zap that uses BatchLeads app that needs to update with the latest version. (make sure to update all your Zaps that involve BatchLeads.)

    Inside your app, you can now click "EDIT" and change the latest version of BatchLeads. 

   And see this option

8. Once you see the option, select first the "Choose app & event" then click "Change" to choose the "Latest" version. 

9. Choose the same Trigger Event for that app. e.g "SMS lead marked as HOT"

(Triggers remain as they were before)

10. Choose the new account that you added as a new connection.

11. After choosing the newest account, click on "Test Trigger".

Once the trigger successfully found a lead, click continue and your Zap now is good to go. And there are no changes need on the "Action" side of your CRM. 

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