Want to be able to build a list of properties no one else has? Driving for dollars is the way to go. You can either use BatchLeads Mobile App and drive for dollars physically or you can just hop on your computer in the comfort of your home and virtually drive! Note: Virtual Driving for Dollars can only be done on a computer
NOTE: You cannot use filters in this section. To learn how to pull a list instead, click HERE 

Start by going to "Driving Routes" in your menu on the left where you'll be brought to a map view.

TIP: Click on the gear icon near the bottom right to switch to "Satellite" view so you're able to eventually look at neighborhoods before virtually driving. You may also want to make sure you have "display house numbers" turned on.

You can either manually find the area you'd like to drive manually by zooming in and out or you can go to the search option near the top left hand corner to find an area based off of an exact address, city, zip code or county then click "Search".

In the example below, the user is searching for a zip code (85009) in Phoenix, AZ to be brought to.

Once in the area of your preference, use your mouse or the zoom in/out options in the bottom right hand corner to get a closer look on where you'd like to start driving.

TIP: Depending on what you're seeking, you could be in satellite view looking for neighborhoods that have properties with damaged roofs, multiple cars in the yard, trash build up, poor landscape, vacant lots and more before dropping down into the street!

When you're ready to start driving for dollars, drag the yellow google icon down to a blue line on the street of your choosing (shown in the image below). 

NOTE: If you do not see a blue line on the street you wish you drive, it could be that Google has not had drivers record that street meaning you will not be able to virtually drive there.

As soon as you drop into Google Street View, click "Start Virtual Driving" in the bottom right (highlighted in the image below). It's best to always track when virtually driving.

NOTE: If you do not track, any properties you save will not be saved on your "Driving Route" map and instead will only show in "My Lists" in your menu.

After you start tracking, you can move down the street by hovering over the road and clicking when you see an arrow. You can drag the screen left, right, up and down to look at what you'd like. You can even zoom in! 

When you find a property you'd like to save, click on the teardrop icon above the roof.

As you track your route and move down the street, the system will record where you've been in the bottom left hand corner map. This helps you avoid going down the same streets and wasting time.

When you find a property you're interesting in saving or viewing, click the teardrop icon above the roof. you'll be able to save it and view the details (shown below). The property in the example image is vacant and even has a boarded up front door and windows on the side!!

Saving the Property:

Save the property to a list and a tag! Lists are great for broad points and tags are great for more specific details like the market, the date added and additional details. 

In the example image below, the user is placing the property under a "Virtual D4$" list and under a more specific tag "Boarded Windows/Door"

Once finished, click "SAVE". It will then be will be saved to "My Lists" in your menu as well as (If you're recording your routes) to your "Driving route" map. You can find your list/tag easily in the future with the filters in "My Lists" - To learn more, Click HERE

Viewing the Details:

Here you can view the details, skip trace the property then give them a phone call with "Click to Dial", use the comping tool, owner profile to see if they own multiple properties and more!

When you finish your drive for the day, click "Stop or Pause Virtual Driving" to the right, then click "stop and save".

Once finished, if you'd like to see where you past tracked, click on the route you'd like to the view on the right and BatchLeads will take you to that location and show your route and the properties you added! If you cannot find your route, be sure to check under "incomplete"