BatchLeads allows you to set up your own Plivo account and be able to control your own sending reputation. 

To register your Plivo account to A2P 10DLC and to integrate it with your BatchLeads account, please follow this guide.

To know more about Plivo's A2P 10DLC, click here.

To register brands and campaigns from the Plivo console, visit the Messaging page and click on 10DLC in the left menu. Choose Standard registration, then click Register.

Note: Starter profile is currently not available

The first step is to register your brand. 

When you’ve filled in all the information, click Continue.

On the next screen, they ask about how you plan to use your 10DLC number — the campaign, in other words. They ask for a campaign name, type, description and other more information.

At the bottom of the page, declare campaign attributes. 

Once you’ve completed the form, click Continue.

(After completing the registration, wait for the approval of the campaign.)

Go to the landing page and then copy the Plivo Account SID and Auth Token.

On Batchleads Account: Paste the Plivo Account SID and Auth Token under the Integrations tab accordingly: 

Once the information has been entered, click the check mark, which is the Save button. A message will appear indicating that the "credentials saved."

Toggle the slider ON, and then ACTIVATE.

Once you have completed a successful integration, you can proceed with the purchase of phone numbers. Click here to learn more.


Please ensure that the phone numbers you purchase are already connected to your campaign's use case in Plivo before you start sending SMS.

This is how you can verify or associate your phone numbers with campaigns. Click here.