In this article, you'll learn how to integrate Flowroute with BatchLeads and purchase phone numbers after the integrations is activated. BatchLeads allows you to integrate your Flowroute account and have the ability to control your own sending reputation. Once the integration has been completed and is active, you'll retrieve phone numbers to send SMS with from your BatchLeads account. After purchasing phone numbers, you must return to Flowroute and register for 10DLC with those specific numbers. You will be charged through your Flowroute integration for phone numbers you purchase as well as sent and received text messages.

Start by opening your settings in BatchLeads with gear icon near the top right hand corner, then go to "integrations" on the left.

Scroll down to the bottom to see Flowroute and the information you'll need to integrate your account with BatchLeads. For Flowroute you'll need your "access key" as well as your "secret key".

Creating an account with Flowroute requires you to put a minimum of $40.00 into your account or more that will eventually be used to purchase phone numbers and send / receive text messages. (continue with the guide to ensure you get phone numbers from the right place and connect them properly - you will not be purchasing them from within your Flowroute account).

Once in your account, open "preferences" on the left and go to "API control" and scroll down till you see the "API keys" section.

Once at "API keys", go to "add new API key" and add a name, an optional description and an expiration date (optional) - we recommend not setting an expiration date so your keys can remain active. Click "Add new" to create your keys.

After clicking "add new", your "secret key" will populate. Flowroute will let you know that it won't show this again, so be sure to copy it and paste it into BatchLeads right away or somewhere else safe. Note - if you continued past this by accident, you can always delete it and create a new one through the same process shown in the image above.

After copying your secret key (shown in image above) and closing the pop up, you'll be able to see your "access key" under your "API Keys" (shown in image below). Click your access key to copy it and paste it into BatchLeads.

After pasting both your "access key" and "secret key" into the coordinating blanks in BatchLeads, click the checkmark to the right to save the integration codes (it should be blue if this the first time your integrating it). There may be a pop up asking you to type "release all numbers" to confirm that you understand if you've purchased phone numbers in the past, you'll have to let them go and purchase new phone numbers.

After you've clicked the checkmark to save the integration, click on the grey toggle to the left of the Flowroute logo to activate the integration. Once again, type "release all numbers" to confirm you understand that any previous phone numbers purchased will be released and you will be charged by Flowroute for the new phone numbers you'll purchase as well as text messages you send and receive. 

Once it's been activated successfully, the toggle next to the Flowroute integration will be blue. (shown in image below)

Once you've finished activating the integration, go to "SMS settings" on the left first (still within your settings). Then click on "markets" near the top right hand corner and "add new" lastly. (see the image below)

After clicking "add new" pick a state and market on where you'll be sending messages into. Adding a call forward number is optional, but we recommend setting one (a business or personal line) so that if people call you after you send them a text with the phone numbers you purchase, the call will be forwarded to you. No one will be able to see your personal phone number when calling the number you text them from. Click "add market" after finishing.

After you click "add market", the status will be pending for a few minutes. Once the status shows a blue check mark, the market has been approved and you can move forward in purchasing phone numbers through that market.

Once the market you added has been approved, go to "phone manager" and click "purchase phone number". (shown in image below)

To purchase phone numbers, select "Flowroute" as the provider, the market you added previously and the amount of phone numbers you wish to purchase. NOTE - The image below is just an example. We recommend purchasing more phone numbers (the more the better) which will improve your deliverability and improve the health of your phone numbers (they won't get flagged as quickly). Once finished, click "submit request". You'll be charged for the phone numbers by Flowroute.

Check the box confirming you understand this action cannot be undone and click "yes".

You should get a "success" pop up afterwards and you may need to wait up to 10 minutes for the phone numbers you requested to appear. (reload your page to see if they have loaded).

Once it has been successful, you'll see your new numbers populate with a blue checkmark under "status" indicating they are active numbers.  PLEASE CONTINUE WITH THE GUIDE - YOU MUST NOW CONNECT THESE PHONE NUMBERS WITH YOUR 10DLC REGISTRATION IN FLOWROUTE BEFORE TEXTING.

Go back to Flowroute and open "preferences" on the left, then open "10DLC Registration" (across the top)

Please follow the steps outlined below to get your message-enabled long code numbers (now known as 10DLC numbers) registered for A2P Messaging. If you have questions about 10DLC, please visit Flowroutes blog post and Support article.

1. Download the CSV template you'll need to fill out with the information explained in the instructions

2. Download and open the registration instructions

3. Fill out the template while following the instruction 

4. After you fill out the template, you'll need to download your completed file and upload it to Flowroute for review

Important Point in Registration Instructions Regarding the Phone Numbers you just Purchased:

  • Enter one phone number per row in the CSV file. Fill in the details for each column based on the following.
  • The way you must enter the phone numbers in the sheet is to type the entire phone number with no dashes or parenthesis and you must put a 1 in front of each  
    • For example: Purchased phone number = (480) 555-2105 ----> MUST BE ENTER AS: 14805552105

Here is an example of the phone numbers that have been purchased previously in BatchLeads. No matter how many phone numbers you purchased, you must enter all of them in separate rows when registering for Flowroutes 10DLC. (See next image below to view how the user has entered their info.

The user previously purchased 5 phone numbers and has put them all into separate rows. If you continue reading the 10DLC instructions, it will also explain that all rows must be filled with each phone number (every number must have a use case, your display name, tax ID, business type, etc.)

After you complete filling out the required fields in the 10DLC registration template, redownload the completed version and upload it into Flowroute.


Flowroute will review the content in your uploaded CSV file and respond here with another CSV file showing any errors that need to be corrected. Please correct all errors and upload the corrected file via Step 4. Repeat the process until all errors have been resolved. If your CSV file has no errors, you will see a message to that effect here, and your file will now be processed for 10DLC Registration.

Once your registration has been approved, you can go back to BatchLeads to create SMS templates and start texting!!