In this article you'll learn how to integrate Telnyx with BatchLeads and purchase phone numbers after the integration is activated. Once the integration has been completed and is active, you'll retrieve phone numbers to send SMS with from your BatchLeads account and will be charged through your Telnyx integration. You will then need to connect the phone numbers to Telnyx.

Start by going to setting in you BatchLeads icon with the gear icon in the top right hand corner, click on "integrations" on the left and scroll down to the bottom to find Telnyx (shown in image below). You'll need your Telnyx API key, messaging profile ID and campaign ID.

To get your Telnyx API key, go to your Telnyx account and click on "API Keys" in the left hand menu, then click "create API key" (shown in image below).

Click create once more and make note that once its been made, you'll always be able to find it in this same area.

Your API key will pop up and you'll need to click "copy". Go back to your BatchLeads account and paste it into the blank labeled "Telnyx API Key".

To get your "messaging profile ID" go to "messaging" in the left hand menu in Telnyx, then to "messaging profiles". Click "add new profile" (shown in image below).

Name your Profile what ever you'd like here and click "save" at the bottom. Don't worry about any of the other blanks or options.

Once the messaging profile has been created, it will take you to the page shown in the image below. Click on the name of the profile you just created to open it and to get your ID.

Once opened, you'll find you "profile ID" near the top right hand corner (shown in image below). Click "copy profile ID" and go back to your BatchLeads to paste it into the blank labeled "Messaging Profile ID".

To get your "Campaign ID", go to "messaging" on the menu in Telnyx then click on "10DLC Campaigns" at the top of the screen. We recommend reading the 10DLC FAQs within Telnyx to have a better understanding. A2P 10DLC stands for Application To Person 10 Digit Long Code. You will need register your brand through the phone providers to be able to text people through BatchLeads which is the application part in this case, with 10 digit long codes which are the phone numbers you'll be texting them with. Click on "Create new brand" (shown in image below).

Fill out the information required to complete your brand registration including your valid EIN/Tax ID number and scroll down to continue.

Make sure you fill out all the information including your business address and contact information and check the box at the bottom confirming you agree to be charged $4.00 for the registration. 

It should take you back to this page still under "10DLC campaigns". Your business brand should be pending approval which shouldn't take long. If its taking longer than a few hours, be sure to reach out to Telnyx support for help. Click on "create new campaign" (shown near the bottom of the image below).

Pick the brand you previously registered and the use case for what you'll be using messaging for. In the example below, the user has chose "mixed". Click next at the bottom once done.

On the next page it will give you a preview of the carriers terms and you just need to click "next" at the bottom.

Select your vertical (EX: Real Estate), enter a campaign description and create at least 2 sample messages to show case examples of the types of messages you'll be sending. Scroll down to continue the process.

Under campaign and content attributes, select "yes" or "no" for each section depending on what your messages will contain. You will need to reach out to Telnyx support if you have questions above any of the options that require answers. Finish your register by taking note that each campaign you register (you only need 1 but can create multiple if you need to own more that 49 numbers) will cost a $50.00 fee by T-Mobile. Reach this carefully, then check the box confirming you agree and click "save" at the bottom.

Still within the "10DLC Campaigns" section, go down to the campaign you just created and click on the ID to expand the information. (shown in image below). Make sure your brand has also been verified before you start texting in BatchLeads.

Your campaign ID will be displayed at the top, copy this. Go back to BatchLeads and paste it into the blank labeled "campaign ID".

Once you've finished pasting all of the required information into the coordinating blanks in BatchLeads, click the blue check mark to the very right (shown in image below) to save the integration credentials.

After saving the info, click the grey toggle to the very right to activate the integration (shown in image below). There will be a pop up letting you know that your cost per text and phone numbers will be deducted from your Telnyx account, not BatchLeads. Finalize it by clicking "activate".

After the toggle shows blue (shown in example below), click on SMS settings to get phone numbers.

Now that Telnyx has been successfully integrated with your BatchLeads account, you're finally ready to purchase phone numbers! Go to "SMS settings" in your BatchLeads account, then select "Markets" near the top right hand corner, then "ADD NEW" right below "markets". Add the state and market you'll be sending SMS to.

Don't forget to add a call forwarding number! This could be your office phone number, or cell phone. No one you market to will see your personal number, it is just so if someone calls you after receiving your text, you'll be able to pick up their call on the line you put down as your "call forward".

After you've set up a market, go to "phone manager" then click on "purchase phone number". 

Note: Because you have set up your integration with Telnyx, the phone numbers you purchase in BatchLeads are coming through that integration and any phone numbers you purchase, texts you send / receive, will all be charged from Telnyx. 

Choose the provider (Telnyx in this case), one of the markets you set up earlier and the amount of phone numbers you'd like to purchase in that market. Click "submit request".

Note: The more numbers the better! You can purchase up to 49 numbers under each messaging campaign you create in Telnyx. If you want more than 49 numbers, you can go back to Telnyx and create more messaging campaigns but you will have to manage it separately (and pay a $50 fee for each) because there is only 1 blank for a campaign ID in "integration within BatchLeads that you've previously connected.

Check the box agreeing that this cannot be undone and click "yes".

After 5-10 minutes your new phone numbers will appear under phone manager (reload your page while waiting if you'd like) and they will look like the example below. You're not done just yet! Just 1 more step! Keep reading to see how to connect the phone numbers to your Telnyx campaign.

Now that you have your phone numbers, go back to Telnyx and go to "messaging" from the menu and open "10DLC campaigns" again. Click on your campaign ID to open the details where you'll be able to connect phone numbers to it (shown in image below).

Within your campaign data details, scroll to the very bottom.

Under "assign numbers" select the messaging profile you created previously from the drop down. This should immediately bring up the phone numbers you just got in BatchLeads for you. Finish by clicking "assign all numbers to campaign".

Note: If you decided you needed more that 49 numbers and created multiple campaigns in Telnyx, you will connect phone numbers similarly, however because BatchLeads only has room for 1 campaign ID, you'll need to connect the phone numbers manually and they will not appear automatically. 

That's it! Now you just have to set the rest of your SMS settings up and you can start texting! Click HERE to learn how to get set up to start sending texts!