Start by going to your name in the top right hand corner, then click on "MY Profile" to open settings. From there, click on "SMS settings" on the left and go to "SMS templates". If you've already started creating a template, click the pencil icon to edit it or just select the blue "add template" button to create something new! (example and order of buttons shown in the image below)

After either clicking the pencil icon to edit an existing template or creating a new one, be sure to scroll to the very bottom and take careful notice to the important information including not-recommended keywords that have high block rates. We recommend creating simple messages that avoid these words entirely.

You can utilize the grey buttons to the right of the message window to reference fields from the database, which will customize your message to the person you are messaging. 

For example, if you click the "First Name" button, the text {{first_name}} appears in the template. This text will be replaced by the First Name of the person you are contacting from the database when the message is sent, so the actual message will include the person's first name without having to type it out manually. 

Click "message spinner" after typing your message to have the system assist in you in mixing up your text to come up with more messages! (shown in image below under the text box)

After clicking "message spinner" the system will come up with a new message with synonyms based on the text you wrote. You can edit this to your liking and click "save" to add it as an additional message! That's it! Click here to learn how to start an SMS campaign