Adding contacts to the DNC (Do Not Contact) list ensures that the contacts are not contacted going forward from the time they are added to the list. Adding a contact marks them as opted out. You can manage your DNC list in the DNC ManagerYou can reach the DNC Manager by going to your User Profile settings. Click on your name in the top right corner and go to "My Profile", then click "SMS Settings", then DNC Manager to manage your Do Not Call settings. 

Adding a Single Phone Number to the DNC List

You can add a single phone number to the DNC list, by clicking the Add New button, then typing in the phone number and submitting when prompted. The number will appear as being suppressed, and the number will not be texted no matter how many lists it may appear on. 

Adding a List of Contacts to the DNC List

Click Upload List if you wish to upload a file of contacts that you wish to add to the DNC list. Upload your file as prompted, and the list will automatically be uploaded into the system, with the contacts being marked as opted out.

Adding Trigger Words

You can add Trigger Words and Phrases that will automatically put someone on the DNC list, so that you do not need to handle those requests manually. 

Click Add in the Add Trigger Words section of the page to add trigger words or phrases. Enter additional phrases such as "Not interested". Enter in one word or phrase per line. Make sure that you are descriptive enough to not filter out responses you would still wish to receive (for example don't just trigger off of "no"). 

If you have used BatchLeads for some time, you may wish to remove contacts from the DNC list to see if their interest has changed. You can view contacts by age in order to see old requests.