This guide will show you how to Edit or Archive an SMS Campaign.

Editing a Campaign

Click on the megaphone icon from the menu and go to "SMS campaign" - find the campaign you'd like to edit, then click the 3 dots on the left and select "edit" (shown in the image below).

You can edit the name of the campaign, the market and time zone, the webhook or CRM integration and give or take away access to users in your account. Once finished, click "update campaign."

Archiving a Campaign

Still within "SMS campaigns" from the menu, click on the 3 dots next to the campaign and click "archive" (shown in the image below).

Confirm that you'd like to archive it by checking the box and clicking "yes".

If you ever need to find any of your "active", "archived" or "completed" campaigns, filter the campaign (shown in the image below).