Direct Mail can be an extremely successful form of marketing and this guide will show you what to set up in order to get started! If you've already created your signatures and templates, click HERE to learn how to create a campaign!  

Step 1: Create a Signature

Your signature information will be included on your postcards/letters so people know how to contact you.

Start by clicking on your profile icon in the top right hand corner to open "My Profile". Go to "Mail Settings" in the bottom left, then go to "signatures" and click "create signature" (shown in image below along with correct order of buttons to click).

You can create multiple signatures for different scenarios, but you only need 1 to get started!

You'll need to create a friendly name for the signature, add a signature name (first and last), the phone number you'd like to be contacted at when people receive your mail, your best email address, upload a business logo if you have one, your website if applicable and a correct return address. You'll also have the ability to add a disclosure agreement at the bottom before clicking "save".

Step 2: Create your Templates

Your Templates are what you'll be editing and sending out to your lists.

*BatchLeads offers postcards in sizes 6x9 and 4x6 as well as letters

You can personalize 11 postcard styles and 2 letter styles provided by BatchLeads! Under "templates" in Mail settings" you can filter out what you'd like to view in the top right corner (shown in image below) and if you hover over a template instead of clicking on it, you can Duplicate, Edit or Preview it.

Once you begin editing a template, play around with the settings and make it your own! You can click on any of the text and retype what you'd like as well as change the positioning, font style, color, size and even insert fields like {first name} for example which would allow the system to upload your leads' name on each postcard/letter for you once it's sent out! (See the video above for a deeper explanation).

You can also choose what image you'd like to appear on the post card under "insert item" (highlighted in image below). and can choose from "google street pic" which would automatically upload the coordinating property's photo once sent, a custom upload or even a QR code to have people visit your website!

You can find the exact color you'd like and even copy the Hex code to paste it on the back or to match the full postcard!

Once you're happy with it, click "save" at the bottom! View the video above  tips on creating your own templates!

Click HERE to learn how to create your mail campaigns!