Start by opening your menu and selecting "direct mail". Click "Select Action", then "Create DM Campaign". If you have not yet created / setup your postcard or letter options or signatures or one click direct mail configuration, Click here to see the guide 

Name your campaign then pick your list and/or tag. Creating campaigns this way doesn't allow you to be very specific with the properties you're including, so if you'd like to see how to "list stack" and create campaigns from "properties" in your menu instead, click HERE

Choose if you'd like to remove duplicate mailing addresses and then click the blue arrow at the bottom to move forward.

Start setting up your campaign with the days you want certain post cards / letters sent. You can click "add mailer" to create follow up postcards or letters without even thinking about it! In the example below, the user is planning on sending a "vacant properties" postcard they made once a week for a month! Follow ups are so important! (See the video at the top for a deeper explanation) Click the blue arrow at the bottom once finished.

Review your order and be sure to look over your post cards/letters very carefully before submitting because you won't be able to edit the campaign or your postcards afterwards. Check the box indicating you agree that you've reviewed everything and understand that it cannot be modified then click "create campaign".

Once it's been created, it will take you back to "mail campaigns" (found in your menu) where you can click the 3 dots to the left of your campaign and either edit the name or view the details!

When you click "view" you can see your campaign broken down completely and if you need to, you can always cancel the campaign. (Watch the video at the top of this guide for a deeper explanation)