(Only available in personal plus plans and higher)

Do you ever wish the BatchLeads system would just tell you which leads on your list are the best? Well now you can! With lead scoring, you decide which property details are most important to you and assign them a value. So maybe you’re interested in pre-foreclosures but aren’t really excited about older properties. You could score pre-forecloses with a plus 10 and properties built before 1990 with a minus 5. Then - BAM. They’re all right there for you to see.


Lead scoring is designed to help you prioritize your daily outreach on the opportunities that meet your ideal criteria. By focusing on properties and homeowner factors that look like your best deals in the past, you will increase your conversion rate - meaning closing more deal with less activities.

Start by going to your name in the top right hand corner and click on "My Profile". Go to "Lead Score" on the left then start creating your rules by click "Add Rule" to allow BatchLeads to help find your ideal leads. These are completely unique to you.

The example image below shows the criteria currently available for you to add rules around. You can add or subtract any amount of points to your preferred criteria.

Once you've set up lead scoring, you can go to "My Lists" in your menu to start seeing scores next to each of the addresses in your account based off of the rules/points you previously set

You can easily click the little arrows in the "lead score" section to find the addresses with the highest or lowest score in order.

You can also open your "filter" options at the top of the screen to find properties with a specific score! Learn more about filters HERE