Custom Fields allow you to import specific information you have on your properties you're planning on importing that BatchLeads doesn't have by default! See the guide below to gain a better understanding of what these are and how you can utilize them!

First, click on your name in the top right hand corner and go to "My Profile", then click "data management" on the left menu and click on "custom fields". Custom Fields are a great tool if you have additional information you usually include in files you import into BatchLeads. For example, if you have more phone numbers to import than BatchLeads usually allows, you can make a custom field named "Phone number 6" OR maybe you have some sort of ID number on each of your properties in your files that you want imported, or even notes!

Click the pencil icon to the right of a custom field to create or edit your own. Type what type of information you plan on importing later, check the box labeled "Is active" then click "submit form". For example, the image below shows that the user is planning on importing a file with a column they have of notes and marked it as active so they can utilize it when they import a list.

Once you've set up your preferred custom fields, go to "My Lists" in your menu. Click on "import" then "bulk import" (You won't use custom fields importing a single property).

You'll be brought to a page where it will give you the option to select a file to import and once it finishes processing, click on the blue arrow below.

Here is an example file the user will be importing. They have normal information in their file such as the property address, mailing address etc., but they also have 2 columns named "ID number" and "notes" (shown in image below) These columns of information are perfect to import using the previously set up custom fields!

Once you click on the blue arrow (shown 2 images above) you'll be brought to a step to map out your "source fields" of your file with the "destination fields" or BatchLeads. Click on the bubbles in each "destination field" to match the names of each column in your file. Highlighted in the image below are the 2 previously set up custom fields matched up with the "Id number" and "notes" columns in the source field. Once you finish mapping the data, scroll to the bottom of the screen and click the blue arrow to move forward.

Here you'll choose an existing list / tag or create new ones where the system will save your list of properties after importing is successful. Once done, click "submit" at the bottom.

After you click "submit" (shown in image above) BatchLeads will automatically route you to to your import/export logs to view the status of the file you imported. Once you see a blue check mark icon showing under "status" your import has been completed and you can view your saved addresses in "My Lists".

Go to "My Lists" in your menu and use the filter button if you need to find a specific list. Once viewing your preferred list, click on one of the addresses to open the details.

Once the details open, click on the "property details" tab (shown in image below) and scroll down to the very bottom left.

All of the information you imported through your custom fields will be shown under "additional information"!