Adding Funds to Your Wallet

You can Add Funds to your Wallet in order to purchase additional Skip Tracing, Direct Mail Costs, and Additional Lead Costs services with BatchLeads. 

Your Wallet balance is visible in the top menu bar of the BatchLeads site.  

Click the + icon to the right of the Wallet Balance displayed in order to Add Funds, to increase the balance of your wallet. 

A prompt will be displayed to Add Wallet Balance. Type the amount in US Dollars that you wish to add to your wallet, hit the check box, and then click Pay.

Please note: The wallet balance is non-refundable but it has no expiration.

In the next screen, the user can use the card that is saved on the account or use a different card by selecting Add Balance right across Using Another Card.

In this example, the user will use a different card and the user will provide an Email and Credit Card information (you can provide any email you like). When done, click the Pay button to continue. 

A Confirmation Message will display in the lower right hand corner of the page to confirm that you have increased your funds if the transaction is successful. 

Your balance at the top of the page should now reflect the addition of funds.