BatchLeads lets you set up an affiliate account, if you would like to receive payments for referrals to our service. You can get a reward for referring new customers to BatchLeads. If your referral signs up for a subscription with BatchLeads, you can even get a percentage of their monthly subscription fee. 

To Manage your Affiliate Account, access the Affiliate page by clicking the User Profile icon in the upper right hand corner of the BatchLeads site.

From your Profile area, click the Affiliate button on the left side of the screen, and you'll be taken to the Affiliate area. 

Affiliate Dashboard

Initially you are shown your Affiliate Dashboard, which shows you a quick summary of the stats regarding your account, such as the number of Signups you've had, how many times someone has Clicked your affiliate links, the number of Customers you've referred, and the amount you have on your account that is Awaiting Payout

You can change your profile settings by clicking the Edit Profile link underneath your profile image (shown above). 

Make sure you set up a Payout Method to start using your affiliate account, so that BatchLeads knows how to pay you. Click the "Select payout method" link to see the available account options. Referral fees are paid out monthly. 

This area of the dashboard (pictured above) shows you the reward that you should receive for each customer you refer, as well as the recurring commission percentage you get for customers that create a subscription with BatchLeads. 

From the main dashboard page, if you scroll down you can see the sections to Add a new lead and Share on social media

You can provide an email address for a lead you'd like to register with us that will then be associated to your affiliate account. 

You can use the Copy button to copy the affiliate link provided, or use the customize link link to be able to generate a specific link you'd like to use for your program. 

Clicking the Facebook or twitter icons will prompt you to log in to either platform respectively, and then queue up a post for you to share a link to the BatchLeads site. 

Lastly there is a special offer promo code you can copy to provide to others for when they sign up to refer to you as their referrer. 


Clicking the Details link at the top of the Affiliate Dashboard screen takes you to the Details page regarding your affiliate account. 

Performance details:

Top 10's:


Clicking the Rewards link at the top of the Affiliate Dashboard screen takes you to the Rewards page which shows a summary of your commissions with the dates and statuses. You can download a report with this information using the "download" link.



Click the Payouts link to see the payouts you've received from BatchLeads for your referrals. 


Click the Assets link at the top of the Affiliate Dashboard screen to see your marketing assets that are available for your use.