BatchLeads (BL) reserves the right to suspend or close your account if you violate any of the guidelines below or our Terms and Conditions. Please review both documents before you send any sms messages. 

Please note: these guidelines do not replace nor cover all prohibited activities as covered by the BL General Terms & Conditions. 

The following content and behaviors are not permitted using BL:

The following types of content are explicitly prohibited:

  • Sexual or pornographic
  • Considered abusive or harassing
  • Firearms
  • Alcohol, tobacco or illegal drugs
  • Loans, loan forgiveness, credit repair, debt collection or tax related content
  • Gambling
  • Investment opportunities
  • Multilevel Marketing
  • Persistent receiving or sending of one time pass-codes from or on behalf of other service providers.

Not Adhering to Unsubscribe Requests

Recipients may choose to unsubscribe from any further messages from you by sending stop words such as STOP or UNSUBSCRIBE. Upon receipt, you have up to 24 hours to remove the recipient from your list.

Sending a High Frequency of Messages to a Recipient

You may not send more than 3 messages to a recipient in any 24 hour period unless the following conditions are met:

  • The recipient has engaged in two-way communication over SMS such as for a chat feature
  • The customer has explicitly opted in to receiving frequent messages

Misrepresenting Your Identity (spoofing)

You may not represent or identify yourself as another individual or business in any way. More specifically, you may not use the message body or the phone number in a way that would lead the recipient to believe you are another individual or business.

Engaging in Fraud or Phishing For Information

Sending messages with fraudulent information or phishing to get confidential information from a recipient is explicitly prohibited. 

Additional Regulations

In addition to the restrictions above, BL customers must adhere to the following laws, regulations and recommendations

CAN-SPAM (United States)

The Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing Act of 2003 (“CAN-SPAM”) is a federal law regulating the transmission of commercial email messages and Internet-to-phone SMS commercial messages to addresses that reference Internet domains.

The full text of this law can be found here:

CTIA’s Messaging Principles and Best Practices offers a set of recommendations developed with wireless messaging ecosystem stakeholders to support a robust and dynamic wireless messaging community.