"Driving for dollars" is a strategy used to find potential property deals, primarily distressed or off-market properties, by physically driving through neighborhoods and identifying properties that appear neglected or in poor condition. The term comes from the practice of investors literally driving around specific neighborhoods in search of such properties! This guide will show you how to do it on the BatchLeads Mobile App. To learn how to do this virtually, click HERE

What to look for when driving for dollars 

Overgrown lawns

Boarded-up windows

Visible damage

Mail accumulation

Neglected exterior

No curtains or blinds

For Sale by Owner (FSBO) signs

Vacant lot

Multiple notices

Video and Images are blurred for privacy purposes.

Start by tapping on the 3 lines in the top left hand corner of your screen to open your menu (shown in 1st screenshot), then tap on "Driving for Dollars" (shown in 2nd screenshot). Before you begin your drive, tap on the gear or settings icon in the top right hand corner. 

Settings you should understand before you begin your drive ( 4th screenshot ):

- Map Settings: You have the ability to choose between default and Satellite map view at the top (we recommend using satellite as it can help you see which property you're about to add easier and show you what's going on in the backyard)

- Tap to save property: Turning this option on will allow you to save properties you'd like to add to your account with a single tap. We recommend having this on.

- Default list: Choose which list you'd like to save properties to by default. 

- Default lead status: Choose a default lead status you'd like properties you add on your drive to be saved under.

- Show past driving routes: Turning this option on will allow you see your past tracked routes on the map so you don't drive the same route twice. We recommend having this on.

- Display house number: Allowing the app to display the house number for each property will make adding an address much easier. We recommend having this on.

- Performance mode: Turning this option will give you better app performance as it will only load property markers when zoomed in and focused on an area

- Optimized driving mode: Turning this option will allow you to pre-fetch data and addresses in a specific area before you drive so you can save properties even quicker! 

Once you've decided on the settings of your choice go back to your map and tap on "Start Driving" in the top left hand corner(1st screenshot). Once you've started tracking, a blue arrow will appear in place of your location and a line will follow behind you. A banner across the top of the screen will keep count of the distance you've driven, the number of properties you've added, and the amount of time you've been tracking. If you have turned "Tap to add" on in your driving settings, all you have to do to add a property is tap on the house number once and continue driving.

If you would like to view the details of a property, simply tap on the address. You'll be able upload photos of the property with the upload icon (button is in the bottom right corner of the photo shown in the 4th screenshot). You can skip trace the property, leave a note, run comps, see their "owner profile" on if they own other properties, send mail and more! (see video at the top of the page to see full options)

Once you finish your drive, tap "Stop/Pause Tracking" in the top right hand corner. If you chose to stop and save, you'll be able to view your routes including everything tracked live on the app and virtually on the desktop.