Connecting with Real Estate Agents is a great way to find on-market opportunities and cash buyers too! This article will show you the basics of the "Agent Outreach" feature. Don't have this feature? Upgrade your account to our newest plans here

The Basics of "Agent Outreach"

>Start by clicking on the "Agent Outreach" tab in your menu.

Using the search bar at the top of the screen, find agents by typing a preferred city, state, zip code or county. Choose the option from the drop down or hit "enter" on your keyboard. 

You may also click on the toggle icon next to the search bar to open your advanced search options. You'll have the ability to find agents based on their name, the brokerage they work for, active listing count, average listing price, sold listing count and total sold amount. You'll even be able to sort your results by things like number of active listings, number of expired listings, number of listings sold and so much more! Click "apply" once you finish choosing your filters.

Once you've filtered your results, click on an agent to open their details.

Before saving an agent to your database ( which does count towards your monthly leads and storage ) , you'll have access to multiple areas of information. Under the "Office" tab, you'll find the brokerage they work for, the address, the office phone number and fax if applicable, as well as, their license number, their contact number, email and website!

Under "Stats" you'll find how many listings they currently have active, pending, sold, canceled and expired. You'll find more info on their average listing price, average number of days the properties they list are on the market, how many listings they have recently sold and more!

And under "MLS" you'll find all of their listings, where you can click the the address to view the details. 

If you would like to save an agent to your database, either click the heart icon to "favorite" them, or click "save" in the top right hand corner of their info card and create a list with a name of your choice. Any agent you save will be accessible in the "Agent Lists" tab at the top of the page.

Once an agent is saved, additional tabs and options will appear, such as; "Lists/Tags", "Notes" and "Activity". You'll even have the ability to change the "Lead Status" (green house icon shown in the image below), favorite them, or edit the phone numbers if necessary with the pencil icon in the top right hand corner!

If you'd like to save multiple agents at once, click "Select", then "save".

Select and existing list / tag or create a new one by clicking "Add". Once done, click "Save".

After you have a few agents saved to your account, you'll be able to find them all under the "Lists" section and can easily filter your lists. If you need to open their details, simply click on their name.

To perform bulk actions with your saved agents, click "select", then actions. You'll be able to change the lead status, add agents to your favorites, organize which list and tag they are saved under and even export them!

If you click "export" you'll decide which fields of data will be exported, then click "next".

Name your Export file, then click "Next".

It will process for download in "Reports", under "Import/Export", then under "Agents". Shown in the Image below.

 Once it finishes processing, click the download button next to the file to download your list of agents onto your computer!