Looking for a better way to find opportunities in your BatchLeads account? Check out our new "Lead Finder" filters and narrow down your lists even deeper by stacking quick filters!

Start by going to "Property Search" in your menu.

Choose between "Location" (allowing you to look up a specific address, city, zip code or county) or "Boundary" (allows you to draw out an area on your map to search). In the example below, the user chose "location" andtyped in "Phoenix, AZ". After typing the area you'd like to investigate, click "Search".

Next, click on the blue "Filter" button at the top of the screen to narrow down your list. 

Under the "Lead Finder" section, you'll have 2 strategies to find opportunities. "Off Market" and "On Market". In the example image, the user selected "On Market" which has filters set by default which you can adjust to your liking.

NEW On Market Filters

- Days on Market : The amount of days you'd like the properties in your results to have been on the market 

- Deal Potential  : Choosing this option will allow you to see what your potential spread could be in the results you pull up. The amount you enter (in dollars) will be the difference between the current home price and the estimated property value after repairs are made.
- ARV Percentage : Using this filter will pull up properties that are currently listed at the percentage you've set of what the value would be after repairs have been made. We get this number by looking at comparable homes in the area that have sold recently for on average, a higher price.


There's a neighborhood of 1,000 square foot, 2 bedroom homes, that typically sell for $100,000. 

One of these homes that is similar size, layout, and location, recently went up for sale for $75,000. 

We can assume this home is discounted because it needs some sort of repairs or upgrades in order to be 

valued at the $100,000 that the other neighbors are getting for their similar homes. With that being said, if 

we look for homes with an ARV discount of 75% or greater, this example home should come up because 

the currently listed price is 75% of what it would be valued after repairs.

After applying your desired filters, click " apply". You'll then be able to "select"properties and "save" them to a list and tag of your choice.

If you choose the "Off Market" strategy, the system will set default filters for you including:

To narrow your list down even more, try opening the "Quick Filter" section (shown in the image below).

The Quick Filter section will allow you to select multiple data points all in one search allowing you to stack potential motivated lists of sellers! In the example below, the user has put "absentee owner" and "property vacant" on top of  the default filters already set under the "Off market" strategy. Once you finish adding the filters of your choice, click "apply". In the top right hand corner, click "select" and choose the properties you'd like to save, then click "save" and add them to a list and tag of your choice.