By navigating to the Skip Tracing page, you will see your uploaded Skip Trace files listed, along with the Skip Trace results. These files are stored in the system and can be downloaded again at any time.

The fields for this page are described below:

File Name

This is the original file name that you provided when you imported your contacts list. You can download the original file by clicking on the download icon that displays next to the file name. 

Total Records

This is the total number of records that were in your excel/csv file.


This is the date of submission of the search.


This field shows the status of the search, which is either Pending or Completed.


This field indicates how many of the contacts that you provided in your source file were Existing Matches / Duplicates. Existing Matches are records that have already previously been skip traced, which you were not charged for to skip trace again.

Total Hits

This field shows the combined total hits, which includes existing and newly skip traced records.

Hit Percent %

This field shows the combined total hit percentage, which includes existing and newly skip traced records.

Total Cost

This is your final charge for the file, which excludes any matches that were Existing Matches from previous searches. 


The export field has a button next to each of your imported files, which allows you to export the completed file.


Utilizing the Actions button, you can see other options for what you can do on the BatchLeads site with the Skip Trace results, such as pushing the results to a Campaign.