This guide will show you how to skip trace your saved properties during your fee trial.

During your trial, there is a $5.00 minimum to skip trace. After you upgrade out of your trial you will receive monthly skip trace credits included in your plan!!

Personal Basic Monthly Skip Tracing Credits - 250 (after trial)

Personal Plus Monthly Skip Tracing Credits - 1,000 (after trial)

 Start by going to "My Lists" in your menu to access your saved properties. Haven't saved any properties yet?
Click here to learn how to pull lists using Property Search or Click here to learn how to import your own lists into BatchLeads.

Use the "Filter" button to find a specific list or tag (Click here to learn how to use your filters) then click "Select Properties" in the top left hand corner and select the amount of properties you'd like to skip trace. During your trial, you must select a minimum of 56 properties to initiate the skip trace (the system requires a $5.00 minimum charge during your trial).

After selecting the properties of your choice, click "actions", then "Skip Trace".

Name your file for reference, then click "skip trace". If you run into an issue here, be sure that you have selected enough properties to the hit the $5.00 minimum charge in order to initiate the skip trace!
The system will give you an "estimated cost" because it will never charge your for duplicates or properties that don't return any info.

During your trial, you'll need to enter your card to initiate the skip trace. Enter it in the prompted area, then click "pay".

Your results will take a few minutes to process and you can always see the progress by going to the "skip trace" tab in your menu where the system will let you know how much you spent, saved and how many properties returned information successfully! You can also download the list to the right if you need to!

You can find the contact info attached to each property in my lists if you move your page to the right

and if you click on an address, you'll also see the contact information under the "property details" tab as well! You can even hover over the "i" to get information on i the number is a mobile number or landline, if they are on the DNC list and more!