In this article, we are going to go over how to pause your plan and the benefits of pausing your plan. So, pausing your plan what that does, is completely stores all of your information such as wallet balance, and records that you imported and organized in the system, it also stores the lists that you skip traced.

So that way when you come back you can hit the ground running and you can have everything as it was.

To pause your account go to your Name at the top right-hand corner, then click My Profile> Billing.

On the right bottom part of the page, you will hit the Cancel button.

A window will pop up, and there you will have an option to Pause. Click the Pause my Plan and keep my data.

Please take note that there's a fee to pause your account, which would be $25/month. Then type in PAUSE in all capital letters and hit Click Pause my Plan and keep my data again.

Reminder: The pause will take effect on your next billing period.

And once you've logged in, your account will be reactivated and will be charged pro-rated.

If you wish to cancel your request just simply click Cancel Request> Yes and that way your subscription will continue.