SMS Eligibility Requirements

BatchLeads seamlessly connects with your preferred SMS providers such as Twilio and Plivo, conveniently centralizing your SMS marketing efforts within a single platform. If you haven’t yet signed up with an SMS service provider, you may need to provide the following:

- Your business EIN (Employer Identification Number)

- Your business’s articles of incorporation

- Your business domain website

- An email that matches your business domain

- Phone number associated with your business (must be listed on your business website)

- Your opt-in form (proof that you’re getting permission to send messages to people)

- Use Cases: What messaging you plan to include in your SMS templates

  (i.e. notifying customers about updated market information)

- Examples of text messages you plan to send

- Fee disclosure policy (i.e. message and data rates may apply)

- Service delivery frequency plan (i.e. 4 messages per month)

- Customer Care information (i.e. Text HELP for help)

- Privacy Policy page describing you end user opt-in information will be used

- Terms and conditions page describing terms of service

PLEASE NOTE:  BatchLeads will not issue refunds based on connection rates, response rates, or if my SMS service provider cancels, revokes, or otherwise prohibits you from using their SMS service at any time for any reason.

The requirements listed above were not put in place by BatchLeads and are specific to the providers to be compliant with current texting regulations.