BatchLeads now offers the ability to send one off postcards and letters to one property at a time! If you'd like to learn about setting up custom postcard/letters first, click here and if you'd like to learna bout sending out direct mail in bulk, click here

To use the one click direct mail feature, Simply open up the details of a property anywhere in your account and click "Send Direct Mail".

Choose your preferred postcard or letter, add a tag (we recommend tagging properties that you are sending mail so you can keep track of who you have already contacted). Then click send!

If you haven't set up your default options, click on the settings / gear icon instead (next to the send direct mail button) which will take you to your direct mail setup. You'll be able to choose where properties are saved by default (if not saved already) and the postcard/letter of your choice. Be sure to save your defaults.

Once you have sent a postcard or letter to someone, you will be able to see the report by going to "Reports" in your menu, then by clicking on "Direct Mail Report".